Tools for Creating Personal Budgets

Spreadsheet Programs. Among all the available alternatives, spreadsheets are the most popular tool for financial budgeting due to their flexibility, functionality, modularity and ease-of-use. Microsoft's Excel leads the pack with its accuracy, formula help, functions, inbuilt tools, help features and wide usage.

Software Solutions. Downloadable softwares can be available for a price or free and help in creating budgets quickly and with very little efforts. Intuit's Quicken is a market leader.

Websites. Websites, like Intuit's Mint is allows online synchronization of the user's all financial accounts, pulling data from your bank/credit card accounts for a holistic budgetary exercise. A close competitor is MoneyCenter by Yodlee that allows an additional feature of fund transfers between accounts. Other names in the field are Microsoft's Money and Mvelopes.

Mobile devices. Earlier mobile phones had budgeting features of elementary type. However, these days, several handheld devices, including iPhone, iPad, Droid and Blackberry, can be used with compatible softwares for the purpose. These softwares may be pre-installed or available for download from different sites.
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